About Us

eWatt Smart Power Systems Oy

eWatt is an innovative company offering heating services and other electricity-regulating solutions with a primary focus on safety. We are deeply committed to providing our customers with a reliable and secure heating service for all types of properties. Our automation technology ensures that heating operates safely and efficiently without the need for customers to monitor or adjust it themselves. Our completely wireless temperature and humidity sensors, which operate without electricity, provide real-time monitoring and alerts for any deviations.

Our Mission

We aim to make intelligent electricity use and its benefits accessible to all without compromising on safety. We guide electricity usage to times when supply is greater and prices are lower. We are actively involved in promoting the realization of the green transition by improving the availability of electricity and creating flexibility in response to electricity demand.

Timo Saarinen, CEO 
040 7027 316

Timo (pictured on the left) is a visionary, experienced entrepreneur, and avid cottage enthusiast. Enhancing customer experience and increasing the value offered to customers are the cornerstones of his every endeavor.

Joosu Terhivuo, CTO

Joosu (pictured on the right) is a globally experienced software architect and entrepreneur, whose passion lies in harnessing advanced technology for innovative services.