Heating automation for cottage renters

We offer the opportunity for companies and individuals renting cottages to save on electricity without compromising on safety and comfort. Our service is suitable for cottage villages of all sizes, as well as individual rental cottages. The cottages connected to the service do not have to be located in the same place.

In rental operations, high occupancy rates are important, but profitability can also be improved by seeking savings for the times when there are no customers in the cottages. With our service, your cottage is always ready to welcome customers but saves on heating costs when there are no customers. Doesn't that sound great!

  • Heating control based on reservations

    When the heating service is integrated into the reservation system, it enables cabin heating automation based on reservations. This saves significant time and effort as staff no longer need to manage heating-related tasks.

  • Savings

    Heating automation offers the opportunity for significant savings, especially during periods when the property is unoccupied, and the temperature can be allowed to drop slightly. When a reservation is made, the cabin is heated to a predetermined temperature, taking into account the current electricity price

  • Comfort and safe

    Our service enables heating the property according to the customers' preferences, providing an easy way to enhance customer satisfaction. The temperature of all properties can always be checked through the customer application, and the automation operates within the limits you have set.

Operation of heating automation

Our heating automation enables energy-efficient heating for properties. The service is based on monitoring indoor and outdoor temperatures as well as reservation status, allowing us to constantly assess the heating needs of the property. We use a smart relay installed in the electrical panel and a heat pump controller for heating control. With the smart relay, it's possible to control nearly all electric heating methods and other electrical devices.

Turnkey service

We offer all our solutions as a turnkey service. This means that you will receive all the necessary equipment from us, installation, system integrations, and the application used to manage the service. The service also includes training for using it and creating property-specific heating profiles.

In addition, our customer service is always ready to assist if help is needed.

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What are the savings generated from?

  • We offer an easy way to reduce electricity consumption without compromising property comfortarjoamme helpon tavan pienentää sähkönkulutusta heikentämättä kiinteistön käyttömukavuutta
  • In all our operations, it is possible to take into account the electricity market price
  • Heating automation saves time and personnel resources because heating control does not require on-site visits
  • Heating automation takes into account temperature data, weather forecasts, property usage needs, and thus saves heating costs
  • If there are multiple heating devices on the property, it is possible to control their use according to energy efficiency (efficiency)
  • We value your precious time

    1. We conduct a brief initial assessment to confirm the suitability of the service for your location and calculate estimated savings on an annual basis, with our service fees subtracted. This process takes approximately 15 minutes of your time.
    2. You will receive an email with a clear offer detailing the projected savings.
    3. Once you recognize the significant savings and the benefit of the service to your business, we'll schedule an installation date.
    4. Our partner will install the devices, and we will set up the heating profiles in advance, introducing you to the functionality of our customer application.
  • Our customer service is always here to assist you

    1. When you have started using the service and you have questions or want changes to the heating profiles, we will respond to your inquiry and take care of it on the same day!
    2. The weather varies according to the seasons often require some adjustments to property heating. We are ready to make the necessary changes and handle any other service requests within 24 hours.

Technology and equipment

Our smart relay can control all electric heating solutions through the electrical panel. With our heat pump controller, you can control almost all heat pumps under 15 years old. Our service always includes the necessary number of temperature and humidity sensors. None of our devices use Wi-Fi; instead, they utilize our partners' wireless network technology.

Device control and temperature monitoring are done through our customer application. Alerts for any anomalies are sent to email and/or phone. We monitor the service's operation 24/7.