Oiva Home Automation is an easy and hassle-free way to save electricity

We offer a simple and automated heating and energy-saving solution for permanent residences. You can preset your desired temperatures and forget about manually adjusting the heating. Our system monitors the temperature of the premises and optimizes heating according to the need, saving energy and costs.

  • Savings

    • An easy way to reduce electricity usage
    • Automatic scheduling based on the spot price of electricity for each device
    • Control over electricity usage and utilization of off-peak electricity
  • Safety

    • The ability to safely lower the home's temperature when you're away
    • Continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity, with alerts for anomalies
    • Continuous monitoring of device operation and connections 24/7
  • Simplified daily life

    • Automation takes care of daily heating adjustments for you
    • You can turn any device connected to the service on or off immediately or on a schedule
    • From the customer application, you can check the home's temperature as well as completed and planned heating cycles at any time

We make energy saving effortless

Energy conservation benefits everyone, including nature. Lowering the temperature when the cottage is unoccupied brings significant savings. The temperature monitoring, automatic control, and prediction included in Oiva Heating Service ensure that temperature reduction can be done safely in all conditions.

Our customers have successfully reduced their electricity consumption by an average of 16% with our heating service. Customers utilizing spot electricity, night electricity, or other variable-rate electricity or electricity transmission also achieve significant savings not only in consumption but also in the price of electricity used.

  • Oiva Home Automation for Devices Connected to the Electrical Panel

    The service price is 1049.50 € (includes all devices, electrical installation in mainland Finland, and the first year of service fees). You can claim a household deduction for installation work (about 500 €)!

    The service can be connected to, for example, underfloor heating, electric heating elements for the fireplace, electric radiators, time control for the water heater, and an electric car charger.

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Customer story: How I Survived Harsh Cold and High Electricity Prices

Earlier in our blog, we mentioned the owner of a monitoring point, Asko, who wanted to share how he coped with the harsh cold and high electricity prices during the first week of January.

During that week, Asko saved €65.78 compared to the average electricity price on the market.

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Flexible electricity usage reduces emissions

If you have a market-based electricity contract, you benefit by shifting electricity usage to cheaper periods. This benefits all electricity users and the environment. The reason for cheaper electricity is primarily the availability of weather-dependent renewable energy sources (wind and solar power). On the other hand, high electricity prices often mean that electricity needs to be produced by burning fossil fuels. When electricity demand is flexible, renewable production can be fully utilized, price fluctuations are smoothed, and reliance on fossil fuels is minimized.

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Home automation setup

Setting up home automation is effortless. You'll receive all the necessary equipment and instructions from us. Our partner, Hivo Oy, will handle the electrical installation and connect the devices to the service.

You can contact our customer service anytime if you need assistance, at 040 630 0211 or asiakastuki@ewatt.fi


What is Oiva home automation?

Oiva Home Automation is a system that enables smart control of home heating. All controls and temperature monitoring take place through the eWatt application.

Who is Oiva Home Automation suitable for?

Oiva Home Automation is suitable for all permanent residences with any type of electric heating. The service is designed for homeowners who value comfort, convenience, and predictability in their electricity bills. This way, you can enjoy worry-free living without the stress of heating or electricity bills.

What devices do I need to use eWatt services?

Our service includes all the necessary devices and installation.

Does Oiva Home Automation require an internet connection?

The heating controllers we use operate within our partners' networks. No devices are connected to your home's wireless network.

What benefits does Oiva home automation offer?

Our home automation offers convenience, energy savings, cost-effectiveness, comfort, and security for living. Additionally, you get predictability for your electricity bill.