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eWatt Smart Power Systems Oy

Heating Automation for Devices Connected to the Electrical Panel and Heat Pump

Heating Automation for Devices Connected to the Electrical Panel and Heat Pump

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With Oiva Heating Service, you get intelligent heating automation, convenient remote control, and continuous temperature monitoring for your summer cottage. All functions can take into account the price of electricity from the spot market.

The initial fee for the service is 1198.50 €, which includes electrical installation in mainland Finland, all necessary equipment, and the first year's service fees. In the following years, the service price is 169.50 € per year.

Our devices use our partner's telecommunications network and do not require an internet connection at the property.

Please specify your preferred installation date in the additional information field. Our electrical installation partner, Hivo Ltd., will confirm the installation time or propose a new time on the next business day after the order.

You can claim household tax deduction for the installation work (approximately 500 €)!

If you want to order the service for a property located in the archipelago, please contact our customer service, and we will provide you with a quote.

The temperature sensor and air heat pump controller included in the service are rental devices and have a lifetime warranty for the duration of the service. If necessary, they will be replaced free of charge. The warranty for the smart relay is 5 years. The devices cannot be used without the Oiva Heating Service.

Service features include:

  • Ability to control 1-4 devices connected to the electrical panel and air heat pump, some of which can also be devices other than heating (such as a water heater or electric car charger)

  • Automatic control based on heating needs, electricity prices, and weather forecast

  • Continuous temperature and humidity monitoring

  • Smart and easy heating schedules from the customer application

  • Ability to target heating to times when electricity is cheap

  • Alerts for abnormal temperatures (monitoring also works during power outages)

The subscription is valid until further notice. 30 days' notice period for termination.

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