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Oiva Property Monitor Service, Smoke Detector and Socket Controller

Oiva Property Monitor Service, Smoke Detector and Socket Controller

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With Oiva Property Monitor Service and the accompanying Oiva Smoke Detector, you get continuous information about your property's temperature and humidity, as well as the operating condition of the fire alarm. Additionally, you will receive alerts for unusual temperature and humidity levels and fire alarms on your phone and locally.

The Oiva Smoke Detector sends daily confirmations about the battery status and the operation of the fire alarm. You can always check its operational status in the eWatt customer app.

The Oiva Socket Controller allows you to control electric heaters and other devices plugged into sockets. You can control all the device settings from the eWatt customer app, and the device works seamlessly with Oiva Property Monitor Service.

The service is priced at €13.90 per month. If you choose the annual payment option, you can get it for €129.90 per year.

The starter package is priced at €69.50, which includes all the necessary devices, service activation, and the first month's service fee. You can continue to pay for the service through the eWatt app.

The service includes the following features:

  • Continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity.
  • Alerts for specified temperature and humidity levels.
  • Remote alerts via text message and/or email, along with notifications in the eWatt customer app.
  • Information about a weak battery or malfunction of the fire alarm.
  • Control of heating devices plugged into sockets (including scheduling and timing).

The provided meter, smoke detector, and socket controller are ready for use, and their setup doesn't require any specific actions. You can simply place the meter where you want to monitor temperature and humidity. The smoke detector should be installed in a central location on the ceiling of your premises. The socket controller is inserted into an electrical outlet, and you connect the heating device you want to control to it. Afterward, you can control it through the eWatt customer app. The maximum load capacity of the socket controller is 2 kW.

The meter, fire alarm, and socket controller included in the service do not require a dedicated power source, as they have built-in connectivity. They are provided as rental devices, and they should be returned if you decide to terminate the service. They come with a lifetime warranty, and if needed, replacements will be provided at no additional cost.

The service subscription is ongoing, with a 30-day notice period for termination.

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