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Oiva Property Monitor Service and Socket Controller

Oiva Property Monitor Service and Socket Controller

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With Oiva Property Monitor Service, you get continuous information about the temperature and humidity of your property. Additionally, you receive alerts for abnormal temperature and humidity levels.

Oiva Socket Controller enables the control of electric heaters and other devices plugged into sockets. All device controls can be performed through the eWatt customer app. The device seamlessly integrates with Oiva Property Monitor Service.

The service is priced at €10.90 per month. If you opt for an annual subscription, the price is €109.50 per year.

The starter package is priced at €59.50, which includes all the necessary devices, the service activation, and the first month's service fee. Subsequent payments can be made through the eWatt app.

The service includes the following features:

  • Continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity
  • Alerts for specified temperature and humidity levels
  • Control of plug-in heating devices (including scheduling, timetables, and control based on the price of electricity on the stock market)

The supplied meter and socket controller are ready to use, and their setup requires no special actions. You can simply place the meter where you want to monitor temperature and humidity. The socket controller is plugged into a wall socket, and you connect the heating device you want to control to it. After this, you can control it through the eWatt customer app. The socket controller has a maximum load capacity of 2 kW.

The meter included in the service does not require electricity and has a built-in network connection. The socket controller also has a built-in network connection. Both the meter and socket controller are rental devices and should be returned if the service is canceled. They come with a lifetime warranty, and if needed, we will provide a replacement device free of charge.

The subscription is ongoing with a 30-day notice period for cancellation.

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