The market's best and guaranteed safest way to take care of your vacation home!

  • Safety

    Our advanced automation monitors temperature and humidity with wireless sensors without the need for electricity or a Wi-Fi network.

  • Effortless

    You don't have to think about when it's best to turn the heating on or off. We take care of everything.

  • Energy-saving

    Our service saves electricity and schedules usage during times when electricity is inexpensive.

Oiva heating automation

• heating monitoring and control with the customer app

• automatic control based on electricity price, heating demand, and weather forecast

• automatic control saves electricity and prevents moisture buildup

• the service can control heat pumps, plug-in heating devices, and heating solutions controlled from the electrical panel, such as underfloor heating and hot water heaters

• the annual fee includes all the necessary equipment

• the service does not require an internet connection (the devices come with an eWatt SIM card)

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Vastuullisia ja energiaa säästäviä palveluita

Palvelumme on suunniteltu vähentämään energiankulutusta ja hiilidioksidipäästöjä, tarjoten älykkäitä ja ympäristöystävällisiä ratkaisuja kiinteistöjen hallintaan. Automaattinen lämmityksen säätely ja reaaliaikainen seuranta mahdollistavat vastuullisen energiankäytön, samalla suojellen luontoa ja edistäen kestävää elämäntapaa.

Oiva property monitor service

• temperature and humidity monitoring

• alerts for abnormal situations

• temperature and humidity charts in the customer app

• Oiva meter does not require electricity or a network connection (it comes with an eWatt SIM card)

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What is the source of our reliability?

A mobile network-based property monitor doesn't even need electricity. The monitor continuously tracks temperature and humidity and alerts you to any abnormalities.

Our heating service works seamlessly with the monitor. Advanced heating automation saves electricity and responds automatically to alarms, taking safety and convenience to a whole new level.

What kind of savings can I achieve?

Users of the heating service typically save 10-15% in electricity consumption. If you have a spot market electricity contract, you can also save on the electricity price. The price of electricity used by Oiva heating automation is typically 30-40% cheaper compared to the average spot market electricity price.

So, we use less electricity and always at the lowest possible price while ensuring safety.


How can the property monitor service operate without electricity or an internet connection?

The meter attached to the maintenance property service operates on a battery and utilizes the NB-IoT network for data transmission.

What devices do I need to use eWatt services?

All the necessary devices are included in our services. For more complex heating solutions that require an electrician's installation, we provide all the necessary equipment as well.

What is an automatic heating service?

Automatic heating service is a system that monitors and regulates the heating of a summer cottage automatically. It is based on scheduling, remote control, and intelligent functions that maintain heating at an optimal level according to the owner's set parameters.

For whom does the property monitor service suit?

Our property monitor service is designed for vacation home owners who want to ensure that their property is always in good condition. Our battery-powered monitor doesn't require Wi-Fi, making it suitable for all vacation homes where temperature and humidity monitoring is desired.

Who is the automatic heating service suitable for?

Our automatic heating service is suitable for vacation homes with any type of electric heating system. It is designed for leisure property owners who value comfort, convenience, and predictability in their electricity bills. This way, you can enjoy carefree stays at your vacation home without worrying about heating or electricity costs.

Does the heating service require a network connection?

The heating controllers we use operate on our partner's mobile phone network. Therefore, you do not need a Wi-Fi network at your vacation home.

What are the benefits of automatic heating service?

Our heating service offers convenience, energy savings, cost-effectiveness, comfort, and safety for leisure living. In addition, you get predictability in your electricity bill and can be sure that everything is in order at your vacation home.

Do you have any other questions?

If something is still on your mind, feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to provide more information.